Gnome Subtitles 0.7 is out! + New Developer

This release features the work carried out with the help of Cristina Yenyxe, who I'd proudly like to welcome to the project. She has been collaborating not only with Gnome Subtitles but also with the SubLib project. Release notes follow.

Added GStreamer support for video previewing, replacing MPlayer:

  • Improved seeking precision
  • Fixes crashes with video playback
  • Integrates better with GNOME

Added support for the following subtitle formats:

  • Adobe Encore DVD
  • DKS Subtitle Format
  • Karaoke Lyrics LRC
  • Karaoke Lyrics VKT
  • Panimator
  • Phoenix Japanimation Society
  • Power DivX

Added video-related keyboard shortcuts:

  • Play/Pause - Ctrl+P or F5
  • Rewind - Ctrl+K or F6
  • Forward - Ctrl+L or F7
  • Set Subtitle Start - Ctrl+D
  • Set Subtitle End - Ctrl+E

Other features:

  • Display OGG video files in the File and Video Open dialogs
  • Different subtitle formats share similar headers, when edited

Bug Fixes:

  • Integration with GStreamer For Video Previewing (#363412)
  • More keyboard shortcuts (#436746)
  • Crash when opening a video after an unsuccessful file open (#455923)
  • Unable to use the Cyrillic CP1251 encoding (#456535)
  • Crash when toggling Play/Pause (#457150)
  • Control buttons do not work when movie ends (#457760)
  • Crash on Video Rewind (#465233)
  • Missing OGG file in open video dialog (#466342)
  • pl_PL (Polish) translation and issues (#484231)


  • Nick Agianniotis (el)
  • Ilkka Tuohela (fi)
  • Yannig Marchegay (oc)
  • Tomasz Sałaciński (pl)
  • Raphael Higino (pt_BR)
  • Daniel Nylander (sv)


  • Danail Nedyalkov, Goran Sterjov, Luciano A. Ferrer, Mario Señoranis, Miguel Filho

Gnome Subtitles in Debian!

Gnome Subtitles has finally made it to the official Debian repositories. Debian users now have an easy way to install the application, which is great.

Many thanks to Tiago Bortoletto Vaz, Senthil Kumaran and Otavio Salvador, who made this possible.

Gnome Subtitles 0.6 is out!

I'm very pleased to announce the immediate availability of Gnome Subtitles 0.6.

This release brings the long-awaited support for subtitle translation, allowing to create new translations and open existing translated subtitles, and well as saving them afterwards in separate files. Searching for text now includes the translations too.

Text editing information has also been improved, with the current cursor position being shown in the status bar, accompanied by the current editing mode (Insert or Overwrite). Also on text editing, support for Undo and Redo was greatly improved. While Undo/Redo used to apply to entire text lines before, it now applies to words, allowing to undo a text line incrementally. Moreover, the text that Undo/Redo applies to will be selected, and the cursor position set to where it was before that command.

This release is also the first to be translated to other languages. Many thanks to the following translators, who were the first ones to step in:

  • Joan Duran (ca)
  • Yumkee Lhamo (dz)
  • Jorge González, Paulino Padial (es)
  • Daniel Nylander (sv)

Other changes include:

  • Try the remaining encodings when the first fails, on File Open
  • Close the save error dialog immediately when accepting to open another file, so the error message isn't visible behind
  • Use a different way of detecting the system data dir, which works on FreeBSD
  • Fixed multiple menu underlines and accelerators
  • Use an updated version of the character coding auto-detection library
  • Fixed a bug related to searching backwards
  • Fixed some errors with the documentation

Bug fixes:

  • Translator mode (#387867)
  • Write fault on path when using Video (#438947)
  • Add an abstract with the role attribute set to "description" (#439274)
  • Exception when getting the CurrentFolder in the File Open dialog (#442513)
  • Exception when getting the Filename in the File Open dialog (#443061)
  • Shift limit was 100 frames in the Shift dialog


  • Marcin Simonides, Thilo Pfennig

Bugfix release 0.5.1

This release fixes a bug with the documentation which prevented the compilation from finishing when using the latest version of gnome-doc-utils.

Gnome Subtitles 0.5 is out!

Here it is, another important milestone in the development of Gnome Subtitles. The application is getting solid, in part thanks to the great feedback provided by the users.

This release features an initial support for internationalization (i18n). It also features a brand new user manual, thanks to the great work of Erin Bloom. It's still in its early beginnings, but is already useful to start with.

The SaveAs dialog includes a new option for selecting the type of newline to be used when saving. This option is hidden under an Advanced Options expander, so it doesn't bother those who don't need it.

One of the most reported bugs related to a crash that happened when trying to load a video, when no subtitles were open. This has been fixed.

Error handling, in general, has been improved. An error dialog is now shown when errors occur while saving a file. Likewise, if errors occur when opening a file that was passed as argument (from a terminal or nautilus, for instance), an appropriate error dialog is shown. More errors are also detected now.

Other changes include:

  • Fixed the Time and Frames labels regarding the current video position
  • Fixed the transparency of the images in the SetSubtitleStart and SetSubtitleEnd buttons
  • Use stock items for File Properties, and Video Open and Close
  • Fixed underline in Video SetSubtitleEnd, which was conflicting with Rewind

Bug Fixes:

  • Crash when passing an invalid subtitle as argument (#432233)
  • Crash when opening a video with no subtitles loaded (#432635)
  • Option to select end line style (unix, windows/dos, mac) (#435606)
  • Video menu short cut keys (#436745)
  • Exceptions not handled when saving a file (#438446)


  • Luciano Ferrer, Erin Bloom

SVN Migration

Gnome Subtitles has been successfully migrated to the Gnome SVN. Many thanks to the GNOME sysadmins for handling this so efficiently.

On the SVN trunk is now the latest development, which includes translation and documentation, besides some bug fixes and other improvements. These will be the focus of the next release, which should be out soon. Stay tuned. ;-)


OpenSolaris packages are now available in the OpenSolaris package download page.

Gnome Subtitles 0.4 has been released!

This release brings you many changes and improvements.

The Timings Shift dialog now allows to apply the shift to all subtitles, a set of selected subtitles, the selected subtitle to the first, or the selected subtitle to the last. It also automatically sets the shift value based on the video position, in case a video is loaded. This allows to make a set of subtitles start at the specified video position, shifting all subtitles accordingly. A button was also added to allow to easy clear the shift value.

A new File Properties dialog was also introduced, allowing to easily view properties related to the currently open file.

Opening a video now automatically adds a "Video" tag to the frame rate of the video, in the Video Frame Rate menu. Also, when opening Gnome Subtitles from the console, a video is automatically loaded if it matches the subtitle file passed as argument. This will, of course, only happen if the "Automatically choose video to open" option is selected in the application Properties.

In the File SaveAs dialog, the character coding is now automatically selected to the current encoding. Opening blank subtitle files (i.e., blank text files) now works properly, issuing no errors.

Other changes include the use of Bug Buddy, the official GNOME bug reporting tool, to report bugs. The old bug reporting tool is still used if Bug Buddy isn't available. A man page was also added. Some bugs related to the GUI not being correctly updated when changing the timing mode were fixed.

Bug fixes:

  • Error shown when opening a blank file (#417310)
  • Can't load srt subtitles - detected encoding is not supported (#417303)
  • MPlayer fails for each second file (#417869)


  • Marcin Simonides, Marcin Zajaczkowski, Marco Lackovic, Phalanx747, Tiago Bortoletto Vaz

Gnome Subtitles in the FreeBSD Ports

Thanks to the great work of Marcin Simonides and some FreeBSD devs, Gnome Subtitles is now in the official FreeBSD ports tree. The download page has been updated.

Release 0.3 is out!

This release features major feature enhancements, as well as bug fixes. This comes as an answer to the great feedback provided by the users.

A new Character Codings dialog was introduced, allowing to choose the encodings to be used for opening and saving subtitles. Its behavior is similar to that of other applications (e.g., gedit). It is opened by selecting "Add or Remove..." in the File Open/Save dialogs.

A new Preferences dialog was also added. Currently it allows to set whether video files are automatically chosen when selecting/opening subtitle files. If you disable it, then selecting a subtitle file in the File Open dialog won't select the corresponding video file.

Regarding video previewing, some users had noticed that incorrect timings were shown, and that Rewind and Forward were not working properly. This was observable by those with a locale that uses a comma as decimal separator (e.g., French, Polish). This was fixed and should work fine now.

Other changes include:

  • Store the window size on exit and restore it on start
  • Removed the shadow that appeared around the video image frame
  • Print an adequate error message when using an encoding not supported by the system
  • Properly unselect video file when selecting a folder, in the File Open dialog

Bug fixes:

  • Video loaded with wrong length (#418099)
  • "System.FormatException" error during opening video (#421457)
  • Quote symbol in path prevents file from opening (#417868)
  • Video file is reported as not supported but MPlayer supports it (#417848)
  • Video previewing doesn't function correctly (#421883)


  • Carlos Doki, Malte Skoruppa, Marcin Zajaczkowski, Phalanx747, Rafal Slubowski, Sebastian Porta
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